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Call 1000
Canada & USA Packages - US clients
monthly fee
1000 minutes to USA, Canada, Puerto Rico.
Worldwide calls at low per-minute rates
Unlimited inbound calls
Shared service (Unlimited devices)
No set up fees
LIVE chat support
More than 70 FREE features
(USD, plus taxes and regulatory fees)
Talk with up to three other people at the same time. Easily add new parties to a call already in progress.
Open your network to allow users to use their preferred mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets, telephone adapters, laptops USB drives or VoIP phones.
Program your phone, Customer Panel, or VoIP software to automatically forward calls to your preferred mobile device (cell phone, laptop, softphone, etc.). 
Use up to three rerouting options for incoming calls (unavailable, busy, no answer), and choose the number of rings before rerouting.
Receive a second call while already on the phone with someone, and choose to answer the new caller or send them to custom destinations such as voicemail, on-hold music, busy signal or a pre-recorded message.
Identify callers by name and phone number before answering their call. This Caller ID has enhanced features and flexibility.
Block your name and phone number from being displayed on outbound calls. “Anonymous caller” or “Private number” will appear on the receiver’s screen. 
Block your name and phone number from being displayed on outbound calls, permanently or by call.
Personalize your Caller ID to display any name and number from your phone system on outbound calls. Ideal for displaying information you wish the recipient to see.
Play greeting messages based on the incoming number. Filter specific incoming numbers or area codes and route them differently from standard DID routing.
Block unwanted calls or send them to custom destinations such as voicemail, busy signal or a pre-recorded message.
Send your own caller ID from your SIP server or device through network or forward a caller's ID when forwarding an inbound call.
Add the caller’s name to their phone number for enhanced call management options.
Customize caller ID of inbound calls from the US or Canada with the name or description of the caller.
Forward your calls to a PSTN number, SIP URI or IP address, anywhere in the world. Use our Customer Portal to instantly check rates for each country.
Dial any Canadian directory assistance number (411, 811, 511...) to access specific services or to locate a local or national published listing anywhere in Canada.
Prevent calls to directory assistance from being made from your system. This feature can be activated and deactivated as needed.
Transform your account into your own portable calling card. Call from outside the network (from any soft or mobile phone) to get an internal dial tone and make calls as if doing so from one of the sub accounts attached to the telephone switch.
Prevent your phone from ringing when you are unavailable and forward incoming calls to a voice mail, landline or mobile device.
911 emergency service that supports wireless and VoIP callers for added security. All outbound calls placed to emergency services with Enhanced 911 show the user’s telephone number and location to the emergency operator.
Whitelist and blacklist IP addresses of your choice. Allow whitelisted IP addresses through your network without any security verification, and block blacklisted IP addresses automatically.
Create tickets to receive technical support or answers to general inquiries in the blink of an eye. Use live chat feature for instant support. Chat transcripts available.
Transfer your standard or toll-free number on any of your preferred mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, telephone adapters, laptops or USB drives anywhere in Canada, the US or around the word.
Store up to 500 of your most dialed numbers with 99 speed-dial entries and caller ID name overrides. Also available for Virtual Fax and SMS features.
Receive calls on any or all of your personal mobile devices, landline or SIP phones when your number is dialed.
Have several devices ring at once with the Ring Group Ability to set an announcement while all phones are ringing Press 1 confirmation prior of taking the call.
Use your existing intranet or internal communication system to access the Internet and external phone lines, or direct incoming and outgoing calls or data to an Internet phone provider or private network.
Send and receive SMS messages within your own network with your DID number, on a variety of mobile devices, all network devices, and call center solutions.
Send and receive SMS messages easily via the portal, email service, mobile phone or any other mobile device.
Set up your own unlimited list of most frequently dialed numbers that can be contacted with a simple push of a button.
5 available star codes to enable or disable a vast range of features. Certain features are free while others require a monthly subscription or a usage fee.
Eliminate telemarketing calls and add an unlimited amount of numbers to your block list.
Make free unlimited phone calls anywhere in the world to any user on the network.
Receive or place unlimited free calls between the network and any other SIP user worldwide. Receive unlimited incoming SIP calls from any SIP-compliant phone, gateway or device.
No more using traditional fax machines. Receive faxes in PDF format on any of your DIDs or have them forwarded to your preferred email address. Files supported: PDF, TXT, JPG, GIF, PNG and TIF.
Enjoy all the regular features of voice messaging and access your voice messages from any mobile device, Customer Portal, internet and email service anywhere in the world.
Receive your voicemails directly to your email inbox as an audio file attachment with relevant information (sender name and number, date, time, length of message, time stamp etc.) in .wav format, or get an email notification of new voicemails.
Choose an alternative route (value route and premium route for Canada) for your DID through the user-friendly Customer Portal.
Quickly check your current balance or view other account information through the easy-to-use Customer Portal.
Allow customers to call you from anywhere in the US, Canada or the world by choosing one of the available 1 800 numbers without incurring long-distance charges. Transfer your existing toll-free number to the network at no charge.
Call any 1 800 number in the US, Canada or around the world without incurring long-distance charges. 
Set a time limit or cap rate on US/Canada, US48 and international calls (maximum hours per call).
Select the countries/regions that you would like your account to have outbound calling access to. Enable or disable international calls as needed.
Prevent any foreign country IP from accessing your Customer Portal. Receive a notification email whenever a foreign IP attempts to access your portal, and choose to block or authorize this IP.
Receive an email notification of any modification to the system’s settings (password change, balance threshold modification, calls made to 911 emergency service, etc.).
Set one distinctive caller ID for all calls placed to E911. All outbound calls placed to emergency services with Enhanced 911 show your organization’s number and location to the emergency operator.
Route your calls to another phone number or voice mail according to the time of day (i.e. during business hours or holidays, or outside business hours, etc.).
View your detailed outbound and inbound phone call history for the period of time of your choice.
Sort your call logs by date, duration, account, billed calls, free calls or generate detailed reports on call outcomes (answered, no answer, busy, failed).
Use our Customer Portal to print or download call detail reports in CSV, Excel, XML and SQL formats.
Use your VoIP analysis module to capture and analyze incoming and outgoing calls and graphically display analysis results in bar or pie charts.
Continuously monitor quality of service on your VoIP network by collecting detailed statistics, including answered/unanswered calls, call distribution, agent report, status report, queue report.
Use your Customer Portal to check the account balance of all your numbers for the next day, the next 3 days or the next 7 days, by dialing a simple three-digit code.
Add funds to your account instantly with easy-to-use Customer Portal, and pay via PayPal or Credit Card.
Use the Customer Portal to easily generate your own invoice to see all recent transactions (monthly fees, incoming and outgoing calls, or any other service) according to the date range you select.
Generate an invoice valid for the Canadian government.
Access to Wiki pages specially designed to cover everything related to your VoIP account, including features, configurations, rates, programming, hardware, software, security, management, and more VoIP topics.
Easy DID ordering process through the Customer Portal, in over 58 countries. Choose among a list of numbers (toll-free, fax, vanity toll-free, non-geographical) from any province, state or local calling area or select a number from our list of international virtual numbers.
Choose among 50 servers strategically-located in Canada, the US, Australia, Europe, etc. for optimal latency and quality, and seamless handover to a backup server in case of outage.
Choose up to 11 genres of music or beep configurations to communicate with callers placed on hold.
Choose your area code from a list of cities in the US and Canada. Choose an area code outside of your city of residence, or keep your existing phone number and area code.
Register more than one device to make or receive calls simultaneously. Use sub accounts as an internal extension for your office or residence. Unlimited registration of devices/servers.
Find out how much you will pay when calling a specific number, prefix, country through easy-to-use Rates section in the Customer Portal. Choose between value and premium routes for Canada, US, international and toll-free calls.
Transfer any number (toll-free, fax, international, geographical) from another provider in over 50 countries to network. Toll-free numbers, local USA/Canada and even international numbers can be ported to
Receive an email notification to your email address when your account reaches a low balance limit that is below your defined balance threshold.
Redirect incoming calls to your DID number or to your preferred communication devices, like your mobile phone computer or tablet during power, Internet or network outages. You can also customize your routing option for failovers, such as no answer, unreachable or busy.
In addition to name and password authentication, provides customers with added security with the option to authenticate their system via IP address. also supports IAX
protocol for customers who wish to transport VoIP telephony sessions between servers.
Define your own quick dial access numbers (extension number) to contact sub-accounts directly and internally for free no matter where you are located. Make calls between extensions, between home and office, or even between Canada and the US or any other country in the world.
Get a customized toll-free number for either business or personal use. Choose among a vast selection of available numbers from our Customer Portal.
Create your own unlimited list of VIP phone numbers to allow your most important customers to bypass the queue and route them directly to their own dedicated agents.
Access to the Customer Portal to order and manage DIDs, sub-accounts, voicemail, obtain call detail records, printable CDR’s, account statistics, add funds, get account balance and announcements and service status updates.
Turn your outgoing calls into incoming calls. Set a number from Canada, United States or any other country to receive a call back (dial tone) and make free outgoing calls through network as if calling from your local mobile number, without paying roaming charges or long-distance calls.
Network that supports all software and devices using SIP protocol (ATA devices, IP phones, softphones, IP PBX servers, Asterisk, softswitch).
Manage high volumes of incoming calls by placing them in queues specifically configured to optimize customer service. Customize your own voice prompts, play advertisements, soothing music, or customized messages for on-hold callers.
Manage incoming calls through your own configurable voice response system or menu (direct extension dialing, dial-by-name dialing, etc.), all managed through a simple web interface.
Route calls to multiple phones or 
bypass incoming calls to a previously selected group of agents or pre-defined extensions. The call hunting process continues until it reaches an available extension or goes to voicemail.
Intelligently distributes all your incoming traffic to your pool of agents using your own ring strategies, such as round robin (distributes calls evenly), random (distributes calls randomly), fewest calls (distributes calls to agent who’s received the least amount of calls), ring call (rings to all available agents), etc.
Set up your own personalized announcements for callers on hold (position in queue, announce estimated hold time, location in queue, messages about the company, etc.) 
Customize your own buffer time between each call to let agents complete a variety of tasks before answering the next call.
Generate an announcement to let agents know what the holding time is for callers in the queue. The announcement is only heard by the agent and not the caller.
Set up a customizable delay between the agent’s reception of call and the connection with caller.
Limit the number of calls in queue by setting up your own customized wait time before sending incoming calls to another location (voice mail, recorded message, call forwarding, etc.).
Set up the number of rings allowed at an agent’s station before transferring the call to another extension or to voicemail.
Display the status of each agent (busy, logged off, unavailable, ready, not ready, wrap-up) to an entire group of agents to see who is available for calls.
Set up how many attempts your system will make to try to connect a caller to an agent as well as the delay between each attempt before routing the call somewhere else.
Customize your own call forwarding options for when callers are sent to the queue and the queue is empty.
If a call is sent to the queue but the queue has no agents.
Same as joinempty, except that there are agents working the queue, but they all have their status as unavailable (SIP Phone logged out for example).
Have the option to put callers on hold when an agent is busy or leave them in the queue.
Specify how often you wish to play informational announcements for callers on hold, such as information about your company, special offers, etc.
Agents have the option to route incoming calls to voicemail, auto attendants, other extensions, or even outside lines such as cell phones.
Choose a variety of destinations for failover options such as recorded message, voice mail, other queue, call back, etc.).
If the call reaches the maximum wait time.
If the queue reaches the maximum number of callers.
The last agent has been removed from the queue before all calls are handled.
Same as leavempty, except that there are still agents working the queue, but they all have their status as unavailable (SIP Phone logged out for example).
Inbound call queues are a first-in, first-out (FIFO) mechanism that routes incoming calls to agents as efficiently as possible.
Callers in the queue have the option to receive a call back at a number they chose instead of having to wait. They do not lose their place in the queue.
Set your phone system so that your most important callers can skip the queue and reach agents directly by dialing a simple extension code.
Agents with special of specific skill-sets can log into different queues to help other agents when there is a high volume of calls and return to their own queue when the situation gets back to normal.
Configure queue to allow your agents to handle both inbound and outbound calls at the same time and set your outbound calls according to your inbound traffic. 
Allow your agents to hear a brief, pre-recorded message before they are connected to an inbound caller. Customize your announcements to provide information to the agent about the caller (preferred language, type of request, account type, etc.).
Use your Customer Portal to access a wide range of reports to inquire about your call center performance. Reports can be sorted according to answered, busy, no answer, failed call type, etc.
Allow your call center supervisors to efficiently manage agents’ daily activities in real-time through the Customer Portal. Supervisors can monitor queues, inbound and outbound traffic, extract a call from the queue, and run customized reports on call center and agent performance.
Configure your voicemail according to your inbound call center needs. Set your voicemail to handle your inbound call overflow or for specific extensions or dedicated queues. Route your messages to dedicated agents or departments to optimize your customer service.
Customize multiple call queues and tailor each call queue according to the customers’ needs. Call queue features include music on hold, automatic call routing, escape provisions, call back, and voicemail. Set up unlimited call queues according to your specific needs.
Configure your system to visually monitor agents’ extensions to know their status (idle, wrap-up, busy, active call). Queue status are indicated with a light on the handset.

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